Juliet was born in verona was the only child of lord and lady capulet . But she was raised by capulet nurse . She looked up to the nurse until she start to speak poorly about romeo. she was married in count paris Thursday July 18th, 1578 . The two was planing a family . Although Juliet was young she would be remembered as loyal honest and trustworthy person she was alway a positive person her smile could brighten up your whole day . She was also very smart she loved to learn she was so smart she skip forth grades putting her in the 12 grade . she was a smart and intelligent young lady she would forever be missed . she was preached in death with her lover romeo   

Romeo was born in Verona, Italy to lord and lady Montague . He went to school  at home by private tutors and governesses. He lived a happy, joyful, and fun-filled life. He lived a good life he enjoy hanging with friends and was always looking for a good party

Romeo departed his life on July  18 1578 . He leaves his love ones friends and family in verona  

Romeo want to let his best friends Mercurtio and Benvolio they could always be caught in the street playing basket trying to make money to help their parents . Romeo had a good heart he would give the shirt off his back if you needed he volunteered at the local boys and girls club he .Before his death he was married to his high school sweet heart Juliet

Lost Files

Romeo and Juliet meet in the park in rocky mount back in the day . but they first took a like to each other in high school when they was lab partner in science class . Juliet ask romeo what he was doing this weekend and he invited her to come to the rocky mount vs northern basketball game . Next thing you know there where attending prom together. But the only problem was that romeo was a jehovah witness and Juliet was a muslim . There parent didn't like  the relationship . But they was determined was to make it work until one night Juliet dad just so happened  to get up in the middle of the night and caught romeo in Juliet room in threatened to press charges for breaking in entering if he does leave his daughter alone . There Friend Bill was into science and came up with a plan for Juliet to smoke some loud to make her got to sleep so her and romeo could run away together . But when romeo say her he took a hand full of xzans to kill himself . Juliet could not  live without him so she did the same thing  

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