Ezra Schwarcz

Community-Involved New York Accounting Student

About Ezra Schwarcz

Currently an undergraduate accounting and marketing student at Yeshiva University in New York, Ezra Schwarcz holds a leadership role as the Business Ethics Club’s vice president of marketing. He recently completed a summer internship with Unitas Global in Los Angeles. There, Ezra Schwarcz’s duties as marketing content coordinator focused on building IT outsourcing and cloud capacities. Utilizing CSS3 and HTML5 knowledge, he also developed and facilitated leading-edge, email-marketing campaigns and created social media and drip-marketing campaigns.

Prior to entering college, Mr. Schwarcz studied abroad for a year at Yeshivat Ma’alot Ya’akov in Israel. He gained fluency in Hebrew and began teaching conversational Hebrew to Israeli immigrants who primarily spoke English. He also undertook in-depth studies on the tractates that make up the Talmud. Involved in the community, Mr. Schwarcz volunteered in underprivileged neighborhoods with the nonprofit organization Panim-el-Panim (Face-to-Face). In addition to providing financial assistance, he offered families educational tools for creating a sustainable financial future. An avid reader, Ezra Schwarcz lists Jonathan Safran Foer and Cormac McCarthy among his favorite contemporary authors.

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