Chris Kyle

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class made by Nolan S.

Chris Kyle was born in 1974 and died February 2, 2013 in Texas

Significant Events in History that Affected Chris's Life

  • War in Iraq
  • Having kids

Chris's Childhood

As a boy Chris lived on a farm and had a good relationship with his dad. In fact, his dad is the one who taught him how shoot a rile and i think that had a big impact on Chris's life.

People Who influenced Chris's Life

  • Chris's dad - taught him how to shoot a gun and took care of him on the farm.
  • Chris's brother - sometimes gave him small but goof advice, yet followed what Chris did.
  • His friends from the war - they were very close to him and when they died they gave him something to work for.

Unique Facts..

  1. Chris Kyle's longest shot was 2,100 yards away, that's 21 football fields away!
  2. Chris Kyle was so good that Iraq had a 20,000 dollar bounty on him that went to almost about 80,000.


  • He became the most legendary sniper with 160 sniper kills.
  • He was awarded two silver starts, five bronze stars with valor, and numerous other citations.
  • He became chief instructor for training navy special warfare sniper teams.
  • He was the Author of "American Gun: A history of the u.s. in ten firearms."
  • Was rewarded most sniper kills in the united states military history.

Chris's words of advice

Chris taught me that even with him killing people everybody thought he was this aggressive guy but he was doing it for the country and hes actually a nice guy. He taught me that that you cant just judge a person for what they do.

Theme of Chris's life

Chris Kyle found out he wanted to be a marine, he wanted to protect his country. He thought it was his obligation. The individuals relationship and obligation to the society.

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