By: Micayla Weathers and Donovan Phan


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Background Info

  • Founded in 1638
  • Founded by Peter Minuit and The New Sweden Company
  • Founded for Trade and Profit
  • Middle Colony
The Middle Colonies

Why Should You Come to Delaware?

  • Amazing Land
  • Religious Freedom
  • Able to make money
  • Good Weather

The People

  • Most of us are either Dutch,Swedish,or English
  • We speak mostly English


  • -Religious Freedom
  • Delaware include Quakers, Catholics, Lutherans, Jewish and others

Delaware was so far from the capital of Pennsylvania that William Penn allowed us to select our own assembly and he eventually gave us a charter. So now we are our own colony!

How we became Successful!

  • Breadbasket Colonies
  • Most of us are farmers
  • Plenty of Crops
  • A lot of natural resources
  • We build the tools and grow crops and send them to England

Our Government

  • Proprietary Colony
  • Proprietary colonies were territories granted by the English Crown to one or more proprietors who had full governing rights.

The Amazing Land

  • Flat Lowland
  • Swampland
  • Atlantic Coastal Plain
  • Fertile Soil
  • Suited For Farming

Facts You Should Know

  • Big Farms
  • Large amount of land
  • Good Climate
  • Good trade with Indians and near coast
  • Plenty of Jobs


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