Water Ecosystems

1. Ponds,lakes,streams,and rivers are in the fresh water ecosystem

2. Ponds are a small body of water

3. It is shallow enough for sunlight to reach the bottom

4. Ponds have still water

5. Ponds have algae and floating plants like water lilies

6. Cattails and grasses can grow along the edge of ponds

7. Insects, frogs, and snails live at ponds or near the surface of the water

8. Fish and plankton live in deeper water of ponds

9. Plankton are a small collection of small living things carried along by the water

10. Plankton aren't strong swimmers than fish

11. A lake is a body of fresh water that is large and deep

12. Lake Superior is a lake that covers nearly 83,000 square kilometers

13.Because lakes are large and deep their water temperature varies throughout

14. Light can't reach the bottom of the lake

15. The deeper you get in a lake the colder it gets

16. Some lakes may have waves due to the wind

17. Algae, plants, frogs, snails, and turtles live at or near lakes

18. Few organisms live at the bottom of the lake, the water is cold and it gets no light

19. Streams and rivers are part of the fresh water ecosystems

20. Unlike ponds and lakes the water from streams and rivers are always moving

21. The water from rivers flow to the ocean

22. Plants that live in streams have strong roots so they don't wash away .

23. Some algae attach to rocks to keep from moving

24. Insects, crayfish, frogs, trout, and salmon are some animals that live in streams and rivers

25. Estuaries are water ecosystems that have some fresh water and some salt water 

26. They occur where freshwater from a river meets saltwater from the ocean

27. Estuaries are usually shallow

28. The plants in estuaries are mostly grasses

29. Oysters, clams, snails, crabs, shrimp, and fish make their homes in estuaries

30. Ospreys, herons, and bald eagles eat the animals

31. Oceans cover most of Earth's surface

32. Oceans are so large that they have so many ecosystems

33. An ecosystem includes all the living and non-living things in an area

34. Coral reef, open ocean, deep sea, and shore are some ocean ecosystems

35. The shore ecosystem is where the ocean meets land

36. Ocean waves wash over the area

37. Living things must be able to survive when water washes over them

38. Clams bury in sand to escape waves

39. Seaweed and snails attach to rocks so they will not float away

40. Crabs and fish also live in shore ecosystems

41. Coral reef is another ecosystem

42. Coral is a living thing

43. Coral has a hard outer shell and has tentacles can sting

44. Lots of other living things make their homes in coral reef ecosystems

45. Sea urchins, octopuses, and fish live in coral reefs

46. The open ocean is another ecosystem

47. That area is far from land

48. The water is colder there

49. Whales, dolphin, fish, and plankton are included in the open ocean

50. The deep sea is another type of ocean ecosystem

51. It is very cold

52. Sunlight doesn't reach the area so it is very dark

53. Some living things in the deep sea are sea anemones, sponges and eels

54. There are places that are covered with water sometimes when others dry out

55. Those are called wetlands

56. Wetlands are important, they provide a home or habitat

57. Plants, birds, and fish live in wetlands including endangered species

58. Plants in wetlands track tiny particles like cinnamon

59. When we build or control a lake to give water to a city or town it is called a reservoir

60. Estuaries are very popular fishing places


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