Persuasive Writing

  Football is a very fun sport. You can start playing as young as kindergarten .There are also a lot of leagues and organizations.

I think football needs to be more aggressive because a lot of people don’t like the way football is being played and one team even scored eighty points! If people don’t like the way football is played then not as many of the will want to come to football games. The N.F.L. teams won’t have enough money to pay their players and that means more players retire earlier or go into different organization .Then nobody would watch football anymore eventually all the t.v. stations wouldn't get as much money .That means more people lose their jobs then a lot of families would not be able to pay rent, pay the house payment, pay car payments and other stuff that people have to pay for. You might be wondering why it should be more aggressive since there is already a lot of hitting .Well I was wondering that if the N.F.L. could call NASA and ask them to design a football helmet to put on so football won’t be too aggressive.If you are thinking there are already safe helmets then, why would this be any different? Well, NASA has some of the smartest people on the planet so they might be able to design a safer helmet.

Football is a very good sport and you can get a lot of exercise. In football there is a lot of hitting but I think there should be more hitting. I hope you agree with me but you don’t have to if you don’t agree.