Exploring West Farms

1. Head to google maps and search for the West Farms Library. Explore looking with map view, satellite view, and street view.

2. When you're done, open a new tab and head to Map Warper. Search for the library address in the box above the map (OR try another neighborhood spot)

3. Check out some of the maps & atlases on the left until you find one that includes the library (.... or another place nearby...)

4. Zoom in close to the building. On the bottom of a map is a tool to change the transparency (transparency=something you can see through). Move this back and forth so you see the map of today's modern neighborhood (almost 0% transparency) and the old, historic map (almost 100% transparency)

5. Take a screen shot of the modern map (about 2-5%transparent) by holding down the Command (⌘)-Shift-3 keys at once.

6. Take a screen shot of the historic map (about 95-100% transparent).

7. Open a new tab and head to your weebly blog. Look for this button to start a new post. If you don't want to blog, you can vlog! You should still have a screenshot, but you can speak instead of typing.

8. In your new post, include:

  • a title
  • both screen shots (old map and today's map)
  • the name and date of the map you used
  • something that surprised you about the maps


  • a map that used to exist but not today
  • a map that STILL exists today
  • a street name that changed
  • anything else interesting you found

How do you add an image? Look for the image button.

After you are done with your post, DON'T FORGET TO SAVE!

9. Publish your new blog post by clicking the orange post button. Congrats, you're a blogger now!

10. Keep exploring the maps for surprises about Harlem. When all done, log into your Edmodo account & list 1-2 sites you would like to visit on our upcoming neighborhood trip. PLEASE NOTE: we are looking for places that might be interesting to film in our documentary.