Play Reviw

Boston Marriage.

A couple of weekends I saw A Boston Marriage by David Mamet at the Cotuit Center for the Arts. I liked the play. I thought it was very interesting. The main conflict was that the character Claire played by Anna Botsford has came back from a journey to her lover, Anna's (played by Cathy Ode) house. Claire wants to use Anna's house to entertain a young girl that she fell in love while Claire is still in love with Anna. The tone of the play is a comedy that verges on absurd just because of all the word play that the characters were using.
The dialogue between Claire and Anna was very confusing at times. They were speaking rather weirdly and odd. It was full of double entendres. Often times I needed a second for it to sink in times. Other times I didn't get at all and I just laughed because other people were. The maid's dialogue was hilarious and very quotable. She was funny and brilliant.
All the actors seemed adequate to their roles. They didn't bad at all. They were all believable in their roles. Erica Morris who played the maid was especially brilliant. I just loved her so much. The moments she came out were my favorite. I could hear them just fine.
The scenery that was on the stage showed a fancy room and it showed us that this play were taking place in the past. The scenery really set the stage to the play and helped us visualize the time period this was taking place in better.
There were special costume needed because this took place in about the 1900's. The muff was espically needed and was a double entrende in itself. It really enhanced it and made us believe that we were back in the past. There were no special makeup needed that I noticed.