The Luxor

A manmade square pyramid

About the Luxor

The Luxor was built in 1993 in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was build for $375 million to be a hotel and casino for tourists and vacationers who visit Las Vegas. The shape of Luxor was built as a square pyramid to attract people to stay at the hotel. In Las Vegas many hotels or attractions are built based off of famous monuments or building from around the world. Going off of this theme, the Luxor was built like an Egyptian pyramid and has a Sphinx in front. Since the shape of the building is so unique, parts of the building have to be adapted to conform to its shape. For example, the Luxor has "inclinators", elevators that travel diagonally, to move diagonally up and down the sides of the pyramid.

A map of where the Luxor is in comparison to Los Angeles. (A is Los Angeles, B is the Luxor)

A photo from ground view of the Luxor and the sphinx in front of it.


height (h) = 350 ft. Width (w) = 646 ft.

Base (B)

B = lw

B = 350 x 646

B = 417,316 square ft.

Lateral Area (LA)

Slant Height Perimeter

l = a^2 + b^2 = c^2 p = 2w + 2l

l = 323^2 + 350^2 = c^2 p = 2(646) + 2(420)

l = 420 ft. p = 2584 ft.

LA = ½pl

LA = ½(2584)(420)

LA = 542,640 square ft

Surface Area

SA = B + LA

SA = 417,316 + 542,640

SA = 959,956 square ft.


V = ⅓bh

V = ⅓(417,316)(350)

V = 48686867 cubic ft.

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