Building a Universe

Mysteries of the Universe

Earth is in a solar system which is a tiny part of a galaxy that has over 300 billion stars and there are half a trillion galaxies in the Universe. Can you think that big?  

Fun fact : Did you know that on Venus it is a death zone? It is just covered by a thick cloud of CO2.

To build a universe you need a star to explode releasing all the ingredients to make a planet. When all the ingredients start orbiting the Sun, they get stuck together which can make a number of planets.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Now we have built  a solar system, we just need to do it about 1 trillion more times to make a Universe.  We need to stick the galaxies together and the stuff to do that is invisible and it can't be touched. This is called dark matter. It is so powerful it can stick entire galaxies together. Luckily we have got in our galaxy.

There is a part of the solar system just between Mars and Venus and it is called the habitual zone. It's where Earth is found. It's where you can live and where water doesn't boil away or freeze as hard as iron. So do you think you can live on Mars? No sadly the water will boil away.

Then why can't humans live on the moon? Two reasons:

1. There's no gravity

2. There's no oxygen.

When the universe was being created it wasn't safe to live because planets were smashing into each other and the stronger planets survived but the planets that  were smashed , there still here just asteroid that why it so hard to get to Jupiter there is a huge asteroid field of daed planets in front of Jupiter.

Question : which planet was created first ?                                                                           

A : Mars   B : Jupiter  C : Saturn

Answer B

Now we have created a universe what do think about it , but that means every think that you have ever seen was created by a star even that oozy thing you found in the garbage truck even you.


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