Learning to Teach
Day 28: Review Day

Review day I decided to do something a little different than the last review day. I knew I still wanted to have a review game, and my host teacher recommended I try a new website called Kahoot.it. What I will say is that the students absolutely loved it and many said, can we play more Kahoot games in the future.

Something I did want to try out came before the review game. This topic we were talking about was altered states of consciousness, which deals with sleep, hypnosis, and drugs. I wanted to do something different to help review for the drug portion of the test. I thought it would be interesting if I played a popular song from the radio that I was sure most of the students knew(they did). What I told them before the song was played was that they had to determine what types of drugs were being mentioned, what were physical and psychological effects the singer was going through, and what advice and treatment would you suggest to this singer. This is an activity that had the students creating something from hardly anything.

Once I played the song many students faces lit up in, "Hey...I know this song!" The responses that I had collected from the students really were very nice to read and also discuss once the song analysis was over. That was the best part of the day, making the topic more relatable to the students in a unique way.

The frustrating part of the day was that I did not realize how quick the students would get through my review game, and I need to make sure I have enough questions within the game to keep it going for the time amount that I need it to.

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