Life is a swing.

Life is a swing,

you have your ups, and your downs,

And your problems & broken heart aches.

But someone is going to tell you that you’re going to be okay,

But you’re not okay, and you know you’re not.

You can feel your body, filling with sadness, and disappointments.

And you feel you just need to let it out of you.

You feel you need to fly away. You feel empty.

You’re shaking, crying, feeling like you’re about to lose your mind.

You always thought you would be okay.

You feel as if everyone is pushing you to be perfection & ambitious.

You’re awake. You’re here, but you’re tired.

You know some things that you just don’t want to know,

And now you’re a professional at letting go.

You’re starting to accept that you’re not accepted.

Now you’re drowning,

Hoping someone comes by, hoping that they save you,

You feel so betrayed.

You wanted to say this out loud but your feelings kept you away.

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