My Hero

By Jonathan Bradley

My Hero is my Brother James Davis because he was my sibling first but we used to dance together, sing together do everything but he started skipping school and he had to leave to go to Texas for a few month it was okay a few month pass he came and we moved to west Philly to Divinity Street he was with the wrong friends my mother told him they are going to get you in trouble but he wouldn't listen and he left a few hours later my brother called and said he's in Jail my mother couldn't do anything he was 16 when he went he writes to me still there but he's coming out soon he said when he come out he swear he changing and getting on his feet he has his Diploma during Jail Time he told me to be the first one to go to college if the work is hard to be mad keep trying and you'll get there. I don't know what's he is doing but I hope he's doing good and this is why my Brother is Hero

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2 years ago

This is excellent.......great work...very personal!