How to survive 7th grade!

By Frank Hegedus

This is me and some of my classmates! (I'm far left, taking the picture)

Top 10 Favorite Moments!

(Not in this order)

1. Radio Broadcasting

During the radio broadcasting, we learned how to make writing sound convincing and real in a fun way! We made radio a broadcasting of a fake natural disaster. My group did a deadly disease spreading across the world.

2. Football

Football was really fun because I was really good at it. My team went 9-0. I played left tackle.

3. Road of Trials with Mrs. Krisfaluit (Her real name is Mrs. Krisfalusy, but she changed it for the activity).

Mrs. Krisfalusy was captured by evil gnomes and the only people who could help her were us! (and probably a lot of other people) but only us! We had to enter the cave to start the trials, but first we had to defeat the evil gnome guard. Once we did, we split into groups to do each of the challenges. The first challenge was to make a tetrahedron out of smaller ones. Once we did that, we had to work together to build a train and a helicopter out of Legos. Next we had to solve a word puzzle. The list goes on and on. However, in the end, we saved Mrs. Krisfalusy from the evil gnomes.

4. Band concerts

We had to band concerts. One in the spring and one in the beginning of winter. I play the tuba. Some songs we played were: "The Lion King" "Flying Tigers March" and lots of other orchestra pieces.

6. Gym

Gym is one of the best classes. We played lots of fun games like kickball, tennis, softball, and run-geese-run.

7. Medieval (K)night

During medieval night, a group of knights came in wearing armor that they had made. They carried weapons like swords, axes, and crossbows. Here's a video from my favorite movie about medieval times.

8. 7th grade camp

My favorite field trip of all time is to 7th grade camp. We stayed at Camp Mowana for 5 days. We went rock climbing and zip lining. We went fishing, cooked outside, and the meals were great!

9. Lunch

The meals may not be the best, but it's the one time of day you can hang out with your friends. Also, you don't have to learn anything then, so your brain doesn't hurt! It can also be treated as a study hall, with food.

10. Outsider's day

Greasers, or Socs? After we read the book "The Outsiders", we natural had to dress up as one of the characters and act like them. Greasers are fun but poor. Socs lead fun and rich lives. I chose to be a Soc.

Outsiders Day!

HELA: The Best Moments

Some of my best HELA memories are from believe it or not, projects. When we read the "Outsiders" when we finished, we had Outsiders Day. Where you dressed up as one of the social classes, a greaser, the lower class, or a soc, the upper class. And after we read Anthem, we started learning about the Monomyth Hero's adventure. We had the Road of Trials day, where we had to rescue our teacher, Mrs. Krisfalusy, from evil trolls. Also, making some of the IRPs was fun.

Unfinished IRP #1

Above is my IRP #3 we had to make a trailer for our book. I did "Eye of Minds" by James Dashner. I do not have a picture of my IRP #4.

Core Curriculum: Band

One of my favorite classes is band. I have it right in the morning, so all the loud instruments wake me up for the day. Also, it's the only class where your job is to make noise. It's just a really fun and cool class. I play the tuba, and I am the only tuba. Even though my parts can be boring, as I am the background music, I like being the lone tuba because i'm always first chair! Sometimes we had to videotape ourselves playing a piece of music, sadly I cant put one in here because I cannot get the URL of one.

7th Grade Camp Highlights

7th Grade Camp was the best! Here was my activities Schedule.

Monday: Morning: Unpacking

              Afternoon: Camo games- During camo games, we dressed up in camo and played capture the flag. I was on the red team and we won the first game. We thought we had time for a second game, but no one won the second game.

                                 Nature Walk: We took a walk through the woods and we heard a couple of camp legends, like the prisoner's work detail. Back when the camp was new, the Mansfield prison wasn't closed and the prisoners helped the farmers work on their farms. One day a man decided, he wanted to escape so he tried to run away, he made it to the barbed wire and was shot through the head. So they stopped the work details.

Tuesday: Morning: Arts, Crafts, and Orienteering-  During arts and crafts, we made things out of beads, I made a dinosaur. Also we made tie-dye shirts. Mine has my cabinmates names on the back.

                Afternoon: Challenge Course- During Challenge Course, we had to do many different challenges such as: crossing a patch of dirt on a rope like Indiana Jones, walking across a rope holding onto other ropes to steady yourself, balancing a big seesaw by moving people from one side to the other, crossing from board to board walking across planks, and climbing a 30 foot rock wall and zip lining down.

Wednesday: Morning: Dance- During Dance we learned several dance moves such as: Thriller, The Whip and Nay- nay, Cotton-eyed Joe, and others.

                     Afternoon: Pond and Creek Study and Survival- During Pond and Creek Study, we walked around the pond and creek and observed the wildlife. During Survival, we were put into several different situations and had to follow instructions to solve them.

Thursday: Morning: Fishing- During fishing, we went fishing, played games on the beach, and went on Mr. Timmons Boat to go bird watching.

                 Afternoon: Outdoor Cooking- During Outdoor Cooking, we learned how to make hobo pies and they were delicious.

7th Grade Precept

Stay Calm and Listen to Mrs. Kris


Now we get to the part you all came here for...

How to Survive 7th Grade: Survival Tips

Tip #1: Buy at least 100 pencils and like tape them to the inside of your locker or something because those suckers disappear fast and you don't want to be the kid asking if they can borrow a pencil every class.

Tip #1(b): Mechanical pencils are fine, but I don't prefer them because once they run out, they're gone. Real pencils last longer.

Tip #2: Buy lots of lined paper (most tips tell you to buy a lot of things). The classes you need a lot of paper in are, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Not really as much ELA but you might need maybe two or three stacks to last the year.

Tip #3: Do extracurricular activities, especially school related such as STAND and Science Olympiad. Trust me I know first hand it's not fun to sit there at award night while all your friends go up and get awards for those things while you kinda just sit there.

Tip #4: Teachers may say there will be extra credit, but normally there isn't enough to boost your grade very high, so keep your grades high and don't rely on extra credit.

Tip #5: Have fun, it may be a school, but 7th grade is the only year you get to have fun. As an 8th grader you have to be a role model, and as a 6th grader, you have to learn the school, and the rules. But not too much fun, they have cameras.

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Frank -- excellent start! Love the class selfie! Be sure to check the website/pics folder for pictures of "Outsiders" day.