Kenyan Mall Attack

It all was a normal day when people from another city came into a mall and acted like normal people but,they were real terrorists.It was sad to hear that someone from another country would attack them.Then people heard gun shots and called the cops.Then the cops noticed that it was bader than they expected and, then the cops called the army.


Today's weather will be 77 degrees so you better stay high dratted.

Tomorrows weather will be 81 degrees so i would stay in the shade.

Saturday's weather will be 81 degrees so you better get wet in a pool.

On Sunday bring your umbrella because their is going to be a little bit of rain.


We think that the what does the fox say the song is funny and annoying at the same time.It is funny in some parts but,if you listen to it to many times than it gets really annoying.It also has a lot of likes and some dislikes.It also teaches you what animals noises are.It also describes what a fox looks like.

The things that are going on in Napa right now

There building the new robotic leg that can be controlled by your brain.It is helping people that went to the army and lost their leg.

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