Dr. Sherry Grisham-Cushing
Pierce Community College

Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the morning sun

Greetings veterinary technology students!

We are about to begin an exciting journey together! I am VERY excited to be teaching online at Pierce, beginning Fall of 2015, and look forward to getting to know each of you in our virtual classroom!

About me...

I graduated from Kansas State University (GO CATS!) in 1986 with my doctorate in Veterinary Medicine (DVM). I began practice in Simi Valley, CA and worked at several hospitals and clinics where I developed a special interest in surgery. I began teaching at Pierce in Spring of 2002 and taught Clinical Procedures I and II until I moved to Rexburg Idaho in September of 2013. Where in the heck is Rexburg, ID you ask?

So, here I am, and here you are...now what???

The answer is...

Distance Education...where we meet in the cloud!

Now What?

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