5 Tips to be Smart Online

By Lana, Kuta

1. Don't Talk to Strangers!

If a stranger starts talking to you block them, or delete them so they can't contact you anymore.

2. Don't Put Personal Information Online!

Don't put where you live, if your a boy or girl, or how old you are. You need to keep that stuff to your self.

3. If They are Bullying You Tell an Adult

If you feel like they are hurting your feelings save the message and show an adult.

4.  Don't Meet in Person!

Please don't ever meet in person, because they might say they are your age, but then there actually older, like 30.

5. Control Your Posts!

If you post something with beer in it and your to young your reputation is ruined! Don't do it be smart. Think before you post.

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