Bridge to Terabithia

Have you ever let your imagination run wild ? What was it about ?


There were 2 kids that had this imagination about having their own world and how monsters would try to destroy it. There would be times when both of them couldn't go into their world for certain reasons so they'll wait til the next day. Sometimes they'll dress up as king and queen of their castle , the tress are the monsters and the trees will try to knock their castle down.

The little girl ends up dying because she was swinging on the rope and it broke then she hit her head on a log and had brain damage.  After the girl died , the little boy and his sister never went back to Terabitha because the felt that it wouldn't be right if the other girl wasn't there

Implication 1:

The author is telling you that you should let your imagination run wild and do anything that you want to do.

Implication 2 :

No matter what anybody says about you , always do your part and never let people words get to you

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