Learning To Teach
Day 50: What Would You Do?

Today we discussed norms and sanctions in the class today. The way I presented the information and the flow of the class to me was the best part of the lesson. Students were very receptive to the video and most did answer the questions in the packet I provided for them. During the presentation portion and the activating strategy, I got a variety of answers in every class and it really did get the though process going, or so I thought.
However, the thing that was frustrating in most of my classes was that getting the students to participate in the class discussions, for all my classes, was like pulling teeth. One fault that I could see what that I did not incorporate as much movement as I would have liked and that could have been the culprit. Or maybe my questions were not very a intrigue as I would have like. I defiantly have to think about what I want my students to get out of the lesson, rather that worry about having the cool activities of the lesson.

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