The Song and Dance Festival in 1928

From 1928 onwards the home of the much-loved festival has been the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds in the midst of the scenic pine grove on the coast of Tallinn.

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3 years ago
3 years ago

DAWN (1988) This was the main song during the Estonian "Singing Revolution" when Estonians fight for their freedom from the Soviet Union (1988-1991)

Here Tõnis Mägi sings "KOIT" Öölaulupidu (Estonian Night Song Festival)

"Its time again to stand up straight
And cast off our shackles.
That everything that was once created
Can be born again

It's DAWN, a majestic blaze
Victory of the light awakens the land

Free is the horizon, and the first ray
Will soon touch the land.

A call to break it all down
So that we could breathe in freedom again

See, the ice has broken
Let's join our hands, our forces

With wisdom, united wisdom
With united might, we can do it all.

Ahead is the only road, the road to freedom
There can be no other.

The might, the power of light
The people of freedom, let's go together.

With a joyful cry on our lips
See, the giant has freed himself.

Faith leads us onward, and a heavenly beam
Accompanies us.

So there's only one step to victory.
A small, small step.

It's the land, our sacred fatherland
That will now be free.

The song, our song of victory, will continue
And soon you'll see Estonia free!