Kinetic Energy

Getting things moving!

Today we are going to take a deeper look into kinetic energy.  Hopefully this term is review for you from yesterday's lesson.

Learning Target: I can describe the relationships of kinetic energy to the mass of an object and to the speed of an object

What does this mean to you?  In other words, what do you think this learning target is going to expect you to do?

Vocabulary for Today

1. Kinetic Energy

2. Potential Energy

3. Mechanical Energy

Tasks for today's lesson:

Step 1: Watch the Video link about energy below

Step 2:  Difference between mass and weight.  Click the link below and try not to laugh too loud

Step 3: View the Roller Coaster simulation link below

Click on the link below, but before you do anything look at the roller coaster.  In your notes guide or on a piece of paper, create a drawing of the roller coaster.  Make a few predictions about where the potential energy and kinetic energy will be the highest.  Once you have the drawing in your notes click through the roller coaster simulation.

Step 4: Draw your own Diagram

In your notes guide or on a piece of paper, please draw a model roller coaster of your own.  Make it as creative as you want, but please do not spend five class periods working on this :)  You will have time to mess around with roller coasters later. :)  Remember to label where the potential energy and kinetic energy are the greatest.

Step 5: Reflection

Please grab a notecard from the front table and answer the questions written on the board under, "Tackk Assignment Reflection".  Place it into the front basket when you are finished.

Step 6: Try to complete the roller coaster game.  How far can you get?