SP101 A – First Year Spanish I
Dr. Munday

Fall 2014

Important Information:

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  • Mondays: 9:30 – 10:45
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays: 12:30 - 1:45
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Office Location:   English Department, Office D

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e-mail mundayp@sacredheart.edu

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Dos Mundos En Breve, By: Terrell, Andrade, Egasse & Muñoz (Any edition is fine)

Learning Objectives:

  • L.O.#1: The student will develop speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills at a basic level (personal information, immediate needs, survival skills, repeated utterances).
  • L.O.#2: The student will gain exposure to a broad range of vocabulary, grammar patterns, and major tenses.
  • L.O.#3: The student will be exposed to the culture or cultures of the Spanish speaking world through readings, artistic representations, music, film, and Internet sources.

NOTE: The main objective of this course is to bring students to level I proficiency Spanish, stressing survival topics. We will be using the Natural Approach, which requires active participation on the part of the students.

Course Requirements:

These are the requirements for this course:

  • EXAMS: There will be an exam at the end of every two chapters. There will also be a cumulative final.
  • BLOG POSTS: Every student will have to write a short blog post at the end of each unit. They will also have to make comments in at least two blog posts from their classmates. The topic for each post will be posted in our Blackboard page. The page where we will have our blogs is http://shubeginnerspanish.ning.com/ Please, note that using automatic translators is not allowed and will result in a zero for the assignment and may even be considered plagiarism and treated as such.
  • PODCASTS: There will be a “podcast” exercise at the end of each unit. Students have to listen to it at home and complete the required assignment associated with it.
  • RECORDINGS: Students will have to record the answers to some questions for every unit starting in chapter 1. The exercises are hosted in a website (http://lingtlanguage.com/mundaysa/) and your Blackboard page.
  • DUOLINGO: Students will have to create an account and become friends with me (mundaysa), so I can see their progress. Students will be required to complete 5 lessons per week. The student who is #1 in the leaderboard for the week will get 1 point extra in the next exam.
  • PARTICIPATION: Active participation is ESSENTIAL and consistent attendance is a must. In class, we will be using a program called GOSOAPBOX that will serve to track your participation.

If you miss a class you are also responsible for finding out what was covered in class and for turning in your assignment.



Grading will be divided as follows:

Grading Scale:

Course outline

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