FIFA 15 will introduce stricter bans

FIFA 15 will introduce stricter Cheap fifa 15 coins for users caught cheating in its Ultimate Team online mode. In an open letter to fans, EA Sports reminds players that using bots to farm coins in Ultimate Team is a form of cheating. "The use of bots and 3rd party bot services to automatically buy Transfer Market items in order to gain an unfair advantage is a form of cheating," the letter reads. "Gamers detected using bots, 3rd party bot services, or scripts for any purpose will be subject to our ban process below." Players caught buying or promoting coins illegally will first receive a warning, followed by a yellow card and Ultimate Team reset, and finally a red card and lifetime online ban. Selling or farming coins will result in an instant lifetime ban. EA says that it has already banned hundreds of thousands of accounts, and aims to be more proactive going forward.

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