1. Topical Evergreen Forest -These are tropical forests that receive a mean rainfall of 80 for every 400 inches annually.

2. Desert - Deserts have regions that receive rainfall less then 25%.
3. Prairies- Have mixed grass thats tall and short.
4. Marine- Is the biggest ecosystem which cover's over 71% of the earths surface.
5.Aquatic- Is the ecosystem that is found in bodys of water.
6.Decomposer- The decomposer's are too cold to work quickly.

7.Consumer- My sister is a really fast consumer of the good food we have in the house.

8.Ecosystem- The ecosystem is being all weird this week what do you think its going to do.
9. Producer- The dounut shop has a producer that saves them times to help people.
10. Food Chain - An medum animal has goten eatten by an even bigger animal in the food chain.
11. Biotic- When I breath that is an example of biotic.
12. Abiotic-stress has been postulated to promote production of active oxygen species within the cells.

13.Adaptation-This is the earliest known adaptation of the famous tale.

What are some examples of biotic factors in a wetland ecosystem?

14. Biotic factors are turtlehead flowers, water, trees, butterflires, competition, bacteria, carrying capacity, plaintain, ash, and the false foxglove.
What are some abiotic factors in a wetland ecosystem?
15. Abiotic factors are sunlight, air, climate, soil, water, rocks, and temperature.
16. Bacteria to shrimp and crab, shrimp to snapper, snapper and crab to heron.
17.Energy enters the ecosystem food chain in what form?
Energy enters a food chain in the form of sunlight, and leaves the food chain in the form of heat.
18. The arrows in question 11 represents what eats what and what eats that.
19.What might happen to the food chain if one element were to be eliminated. That organizum would be exstincked because of how it got eaten so mant times.
20. It effects it because the wetlands help animals in ways other lands and plants cant do.
21. It runs off high dry land before it hits open water.
22. Alot of animals need the wet lands to servive because of the enviernment there.

23. We get fish,berries,wild rice, and medicans for the wet land to.