Igneous Rock By B.Mayo

This is mica. the colors can be white, yellow, green, brown, or colorless.

*Mica got its name from the word grains because Mica is Latin for grains. *Mica can be varieties of colors said in the picture. * The Specific Gravity of Mica is 2.7-3.1 and the hardness is 2.5-3 Finger Nail *Mica is used in paint, make-up, drywall, glass, etc. *Formula: Ba, Rb, Cs, Ti, etc. *I would describe the rock as rough *Mica could be found in Granite

Mica is a common mineral. It is used in household items and paint. It comes in many unique different colors. Mica can be Biotite, Muscovite, or Cleavage. Mica is in the sheet silicate group. It's in this group because Mica is a really thin rock. I think Mica is really cool with its features.

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