By ethan villa

These are the statistics for Mexico of 2014

The Mexican flag was adopted by Mexico in 1968. The colors mean hope for green ,unity for white, and three stands for the blood of the national heroes. The eagle is on there because when the Aztec Indians were trying to find a place for their capital city their leader had a dream were the God of war said they were to settle in the place were  they would find a eagle on top of a cactus holding a snake. The city were the eagle was is now called Mexico City. The first model was made in 1821 and was redesigned in 1968.

Cinco de mayo is a celebration on the fifth of May to celebrate the battle of Puebla were Mexico won. Although it is minor holiday in Mexico it became famous in america since a large portion of the population is Mexican. Cinco de mayo can be celebrated by parades,music performances ,and street festivals. Cinco de mayo will sometimes be hosted in big balls or in a home were many will gather. One thing that sometimes happens is fireworks many celebrators will launch green,red,and white fireworks to celebrate the Mexican flag and cinco de mayo.

       A quinceanera is a celebration were a 15 year old Hispanic girl coming of age (she is an adult and will get to do adult thing). A quinceanera is a big for most, it can some times be like a wedding ,it usually starts out with a religious ceremony, and then a receptionist held at the location of the quinceanera during the reception there is music,food,and a choreographed waltz. Usually the quinceanera gets a tiara,medal or cross, bible,and a scepter. At the end the quinceanera will have a dance with her father giving her the responsibilities and abilities as an adult would.One thing a father will do after their dance is if the daughter is currently not dating, the father will take her around the ton they live in and let her date anyone.  

Day of the dead is Mexican celebration on October 31- November 2 each year. In Spanish it is called dia de Los muertos, on day of the dead people will go to there lost loved ones and sometimes write stuff on there graves. One way to show love to a departed is to give flowersisand a nice big kiss.  Some families celebrate by throwing party and celebrating the person the its for. Day of the dead is for people to celebrate the dead.  

Las pasadas is a Mexican holiday that originated in Spain. It is celebrated on December 16- December 24 around 8 and 10 at night. During the nine day celebration it reanacts the nine month journey for marry and joeseph to marry giving birth to Jesus. It usually has music while they walk and people usually wear Christmas type clothing with Santa hats while their will be others that wear clothing like shepherdess did back before Jesus was born. While they walk marry will be riding a real donkey.

Hernandez Cortez is a famous Explorer from Spain. He led the conquest of of the Aztec empire in 1519 and successfully conquered the Aztecs thus erasing every thing including their capital,Tenochtitlan, renaming it Mexico City. Hernandez was born in 1487 and died at 61 on December 2 1547. After he conquered the Aztec empire and Mexico he became the supreme governor going by King Charles laws from Spain. He later expanded south until they reached what is now Columbia.

Montezuma 2 was the ninth tlatoani or ruler of Tenochtitlan. He was born in 1466 and died in June 29,1520 and was the son Axayacatl and not the first montezuma. During his rule for the Aztec empire he moved them down south. He also lost to the Spanish and is known as a u powerful king and indecisive.  He died while the Spanish were taking over the Aztecs.

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