Maria kachionis 7H

Digital Photography and Editing.

In this class I have learnt about what Bravery,Teamwork,Respect and safety mean.We have been going on the internet to pick one of the values and get 4 pictures and go on Pixlr and edit bravery photos to make them look amazing.Then go on tackk and wright why a those photos show bravery.(I picked bravery)


This photo presents Bravery by helping each other to save there country,either know they have a chance of getting  hurt or even dying.

My edited bravery picture.

This photo shows bravery by these 4 men who take the risk to go into a house or any other place with fire.

My edit of bravery

This picture shows bravery,because there are 2 people who are brave enough to go sky diving either know it so high up and something could go wrong.

My edit for bravery

This cat is showing bravery by this cat walking through a lot of dogs that could kill him/she but she was brave enough to take the risk.

My edit for bravery.

I also made this collage with my edited photos

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