Malayan Tiger

The Malayan tiger is an endangered species. There are only about 500 left in the world and they used to be known is the Indochinese tiger. In 2004 scientists did a DNA test and it showed that the Indochinese and Malayan tiger are two different subspecies.

The Malayan tigers scientific name and Latin name is the Panthera Tigris jacksoni, this was in honor of Peter Jackson, a famous tiger Conservationist.

These tigers' habitat is in the forest, grasslands, and wetlands. They are found only on the Malayan Peninsula in the southern tip of Thailand.

A big reason they are becoming endangered is because the logging operations are cutting down forest and turning them into agriculture. The Tigers begin to eat the farmers crops, which costs a lot of money. So as a result angry villagers are killing many of the tigers.

Adult Malayan tigers are usually solitary, but once in a while they will hunt in groups. They hunt by sneaking up on prey and grabbing them with their large paws, then they grips its neck with its jaws until it suffocates they can eat up to 80 pounds of meat in one serving!

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