Natalie Hernandez

I like how it is simple and easily recognizable. It is shown everywhere and the grey color is shiny and the apple is always on every prodcut they make.

I like that the color represents the whole restaurant and the way the W has its form. I also like the lettering of the Whatabuger.

I like how the bell is actually in the name and the colors are simple. It looks clean and gets the customers attracted.

I like the lettering and the liquid splatter. It looks professional and the bottle represents the coke and how it looks like it is in a sphere.

I like the shape and the 3 colors orange, black, and white. It looks like something motorcycle people would use and it is simple.

5 I don't like

I don't like the colors and it does not look professional. I don't get the purpose of the boxes.

It is too simple it is just a circle with a dot in the middle. I think it should add more color and different font.

The colors are ugly and the font doesn't even look decent. I don't like how the 8 is inside.

The letters could be different and the two circles could be different colors. The two circles could be made look professional.

I think it should have an actual auto and more color. The orange looks like it shouldn't belong. the letters should be a different font. It doesn't look professional.

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