Asian Kingdoms/Empires

Pagan Kingdom, Khmer Empire, Trading Kingdom, Vietnam

Pagan Kingdom

In 840 the Burmans made the kingdom of Pagan, it is now present day Myanmar. It was in a very fertile river valley which made it great for growing crops. The first king was Anawratha. Under his reign he conquered a lot of land and the kingdom began to prosper.

This is one of the great ancient buildings of the Pagan Kingdom

Khmer Empire

Southeast of the Pagans sat the Khmer Empire that is now Cambodia. Early on they started to conquer land around them to make a very large empire. This empire reflected a strong Indian influence. The empire adopted both Buddhism and Hinduism. The capitol city was Angkor Wat. They were built on the beliefs of both Hindu gods and Buddhist gods.

Picture of an old Khmer city

Trading Kingdoms

Several trading kingdoms arose to the south on the islands of South Asia. One of these islands was called Java. These people relied heavily on agriculture and trade for survival. This kingdom also adopted Buddhism as it was very popular. A lot of their art and architecture was Buddhist. These people were especially known for their trade among the other kingdoms hence the name "Trading Kingdoms".


Vietnam was created off the foundation of the Chinese. If you look closely they both share sort of the same culture. For a while they were even under Chinese rule. After becoming their own country they still kept a lot of the ways of the Chinese including the religion, the food, the clothing, and even hairstyles.