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This summer has been one of the most fun summers ive ever had! I spent most of my summer with my best friend Taylor. we've done so much together like camping, swimming, volunteering for church, even just hanging out together. I remember when we went to the forth of July parade together and watched the fireworks at my beach at night then the next day we went camping. At the camp they were having a little parade so we got her three wheel golf cart, decorated it and went into the contest. we ended up winning which was awesome!:) There was also many times when we would volunteer to help out at the church for vbs, for breaking down the brick sign and putting up the new one, we also painted the church together plus more. my summer was also filled with a lot of volleyball whether it was camps, practices, and I also did a spike and dig tournament with some of my old teammates Kaitlin, Marie, Victoria, Mackenzie, and the other Kaitlin which was really great to see them again. we had to play co-ed high school teams so we won some and lost others... but I still had a really great time with my team. last but not least what ended my summer was going to Levin worth and Seattle. I went to Levin worth to go on a family trip where I got my sweat shirt, then the next day we went to Seattle to go to a Seattle mariners game. it was a really fun game because at first they weren't doing so well but then they came back and won 5-3. I loved this summer so much and its my most favorite one yet and I cant wait for next summer!!!

spike and dig with some of my old teammates:D

mariners game


at the church going down the ramp on a dolly after volunteering with tay.

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3 years ago

Nice job Sierra. I LOVE the background color/pattern and I don't even like pink! Something happened with your video!