The Incredible Carolyn C Porco

by Charlotte Johnson

Carolyn C Porco was born on March the Sixth ,1953 in New York Bronx. She is an astronomer who studies the eccentric ringlets with in rings of Saturn. This year Carolyn Turned 60.

Carolyn's team discovered jest/spewing,water and ice on Saturn's moon Enceladus. Carolyn C Porco was the first person to describe the behavior of Saturn's eccentric ringlets within rings of Saturn.

Carolyn's research helps people  know  information about what planets look like in space and how they behave.

Carolyn c porco went on several probe missions she even photographed Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus and Neptune. Carolyn also helped design the most complex cameras sent into outer space.Now she is researching about Jupiter.

This is an interesting fact but did you know she was 13 when she first went into outer space.