Cero conditional.

If I work more, I get better pay.

If I have not time, I am usually in my house.

If  we come here, we  always bring a  shoes.

If you have   hot  water, you  burn.

if i  donĀ“t know,  i  don't  explain you .

              First Conditional.

If I have not money, I will not buy a new  game.

If I  don't know make, I will  ask you.

if  you can send more early the homework, you will have a better qualification.

if I think two times the things, I will do them more better.

if i can't solve   this problem,i will do after.

             Second Conditional.

If I were in my  house, I would  prepare a sandwich.

If I won the that champion, I would be happy.

If I didn't want to see you, I would  tell  that  no.

if  I were  in my country, I would see my fathers.

if  had enought money,  I would  buy lot of things.

             Third Conditional.

if  i  had  knew that  you  come,  i would have done a  food.

If we had studied harder, we might have  gotten scholarship.

If she had explained me the homework, I would have passed the exam.

if  I had worked more, he could have  bought.

if  i  had been with you. that  would have been the other way

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