Day 1: Rube Goldberg Machine

I chose the Rube Goldberg machine because I enjoyed this in stem class the most. Its good to put so much hard work into a project like this. My group members are Haley Tajgiszer and Isaac White.

Day 2: Sketching and Planning

Today we sketched out our Rube Goldberg machine. It will be pretty difficult to build but I have a good feeling that our group will successfully get it done. We made a list of materials we needed and figured out who would bring what.

Materials: String, Tape, Pulley, Balls X2, Cars X2, Wood, Race track, Fan, Tub, Water, Cup, Bowl

Day 3: Continue to sketch and think

Today we thought about how the machine would work and if it would work. We made our final sketch. We all have so many ideas for the machine so we have to figure out which ones will work best together. Today was a full day of thinking, sketching, and team work.

Day 4: The start of building

Today we started to build our 20% rube goldberg machine. There are some errors but we will fix them. Our group will use team work to complete the macine.

Day 5: Continuing to build

Today I was on a field trip during school, so my group partners got some items out of my locker that I have brought and they continued to build. I heard we have few errors in our machine but we will get them fixed.

Day 6: Continuing to build

Listen to paragraphToday we started to fix one of the biggest errors, trying to get the pulley to hit the car. It kept swinging and we had to make it still. We continued to fix other errors.

Day 7: More building

Today we still are trying to fix the pulley and make the book fall down. It is getting more difficult.

Day 8: Rube Goldberg issues

  • Today we will fix our rube goldberg issues. Many things need to be fixed or changed so it will work.

Day 9: Back to building and fixing

After the weekend, we are back to almost finishing our machine. It is kind of hard to guarantee if our machine will work, it is kind of working but then not working. We will fix our errors.

Day 10: Changing it up

Today we found out that one of our stages is not working at all. We replaced it with another stage that will work but also be even better.

Day 11: Finding the change

Today we need to find out how we are changing the last stage. We tried to figure it out yesterday but we needed more time to think.

Day 12: The change

Today we are going to build our new stage. Hopefully it will work. Half of the sketch we made before we started wasn't to work at all. We should now think in our heads if it will work or not rather than just throwing everything into place.

Day 13: Continuing to work

Today we forgot the boat we need to finish but we will probably try to make one. We still need to get the wrecking ball to hit the boat into the water. Today, the course will be closer to being finished.

Day 14: Whats next

After we complete this project, we would love to connect it to all the machines in the room. It would be very fun and interesting to watch and complete.

Day 15: Almost done!

Today, we will have our final stage work. The boat and fan stage did not work so now we are using a zip line and a ball. Hopefully we will finish on time!

Day 16: Last day to work

Today we will hopefully complete our machine. We need to get the last stage to work although there might be few issues. Today we will work together as a group to get a good grade on our project.

Day 17: Done with Rube Goldberg

After today there are only two days left of school but they are field days. Therefore, today is our last day with the Rube Goldberg project. Today I will reflect about the machine and how it has turned out. I think we put a lot of hard work into the project, although it could have been laid out a little more better. The first few stages of the machine (zip line, rolling stage, book) have a good chance of working, but the few last stages (other zip line, ball and bucket) have been a little stubborn. I still think our group had but a lot of effort into the machine. As you know, we have changed our last stage about 3 or 4 times, that is why we have been struggling with the final stage. I had a great time building this project with my group members. We had good days and bad days but we worked through it. Hopefully the one half of the machine will decide to work and that we will all get a good grade on the project.

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2 years ago

This looks like a lot of hard work to get this to work the way that you want it to, good luck! You can do it!