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Romeo and Juliet are supposed to be very young. Romeo is seventeen or eighteen while Juliet is only thirteen. Their feelings are hormone-driven. Romeo decided he was in love with Juliet, just from her looks, before they even spoke to each other. They are so young and haven’t met enough people to know who their “soul-mate” is. Many adults don’t even know exactly what they’re looking for in love. Why should they rush into things with one person when they have their adult lives ahead of them to decide whom they want to be with?

Romeo and Juliet are broken-hearted. Romeo was still in love with a girl named Rosaline the night he met Juliet. This young lady was going to become a nun and couldn’t possibly have a relationship with Romeo. However, Rosaline was the reason Romeo attended the party in the first place! Juliet was supposed to marry a man named Paris, but marriage was not what she wanted. When she met Romeo, he provided somewhat of an escape from that broken-heartedness for her as she did for him. Romeo was someone Juliet could choose and vice-versa, which made him or her seem more attractive to one another. Both Romeo and Juliet had broken hearts, which fueled their sudden changes in emotion. This is not what a healthy relationship should be based on.


Sunday morning, the everlasting hatred between the Capulet’s and the Montague’s once again erupted and disturbed the quiet of our streets in piazza Tola.

As we have not been promptly informed on which party the blame lies, our Prince acquainted us on how the fight broke out, with the help of a passer-by.

Montague and Capulet servants started by brawling and taunting each other through baseness. Benvolio, a nephew of Montague tried to calm the fight, but in vein.

As soon as lady Capulet’s nephew, Tybalt, made an appearance on the scene, the old grudges came to the surface. Although everybody has forgotten the real cause of this long lasting vendetta between the two families.

In a trice, fighting broke out between the two noblemen.

Gradually, citizens of Verona joined the fray and took sides. Swords were drawn, along with the crowds. Animosity and pernicious rage faired with increasing tension and aggressiveness.

Drawn by this violent up-heavily, the heads of the respective families arrived on the scene to exacerbate the general feelings of the crowd. Immediately, they asked for their swords even though Lady Capulet and Lady Montague tried to talk reason to them.

By Gods grace, our Prince was there to put an end to this strife by imposing his just judgment and, thankfully, no lives were taken.

A little gossip for our ladies...

Capulet’s fiesta!

Last night, a party was organized by the Capulet family for the nobility and the beau monde. Of course, the Montague’s were excluded from this reception. Lady Helena graced the occasion and recounted some of it to us.

Servants rushed around preparing the auspicious evening, lighting torches and turning the tables up so all the fair women could dance, primp, and charm young eligible men.

Lord Capulet was in high spirits, and encouraged the ladies to take the dance floor.

Juliet, Capulet’s daughter, was seen being kissed by an unknown gentleman, in masquerade, whom we heard was an uninvited guest...

Tybalt Capulet, the young man who had the same morning aided and abetted to the conflict, tried to create a new rumpus. It appears that Capulet didn’t make uproar about this unheard of intrusion.

From all reports, the evening was a grand success with the added flavor of romance, mystery and suspense to have made it an even more exciting event!

He told us “I am longing for peace but all I see is grotesque hatred and jealousy.”



Juliet Capulet

Died at the age of 14 years of Age

July 31

Juliet lived in Verona, Italy in an early 14th-century house at Via Cappello no .23.

Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet

Romeo Montague (lover/Husband)

Juliet killed herself with Romeo’s gun because Romeo thought she was dead.

Romeo Montague

Died at the age of 18 years of age

February 13

Romeo lived in Verona, Italy

Son of Lord and Lady Montague

Cousin of Benvolio Montague

Juliet (Lover/Wife)

Romeo poisoned his self when he they told him Juliet was dead but it was a prank for them to get married.

Tybalt Capulet

Lived in Verona. Italy

Nephew of Lady Capulet

Romeo killed tybalt because he killed Mercutio


Brother of Valentine, Count Paris, The Prince

Tybalt killed him.


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