The Gardener by S.A Bodeen             Arturo lynch

Before I read the Gardener by S.A Bodeen, I thought they would be growing plants not humans.

Evolution is changes that take place in a species over time. In the Gardener, evolution is important because it could help people stay alive.

A heterotroph is an organism that have to get their nutrients from other organisms. In the Gardener, they talk about heterotrophs because they can help people who don't have any food.

Photosynthesis is when a plant uses sunlight to make its own food. Photosynthesis is important in the Gardener because it can help prevent food crisis.

Autotrophs are organisms that are able to form a nutritional organic substance. Autotrophs are important in The Gardener because they can help us when there is a food crisis.

My favorite questions asked while we were reading.

1. Is Mason's dad a PLANT?

2. Why don't the other kids wake up when the girl does.

We found out the answers as we read. Here they are.

1. [insert answer here]

2. [insert answer here]

                    The Setting

The Gardener takes place in three different places: Melby Falls, Washington, Trodyn, and Portland, Oregon.

                 Medical Ethnics

One of the ethical issues in The Gardener is whether or not it's right to do experiments on humans. I think human experimentation is wrong because they can die. In The Gardener, the experiments they do on humans are pretty bad because they can die.

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