1st Period:  Hassan D, Keanu E, Johnny H, Johnathan M

Ice house fire

I wonder how a ice house get caught on fire like as I was walking outside from school I saw a big fire and wonder where it was coming from I saw helicopter and heard fire trucks.

A Ride Out: This picture were taking when I was on the road riding places In this picure you see cars ahead of us the dashboard of the car we are in etc… Riding around in Chicago

Welcome To My City: This Picture Was taking coming off the expressway you have all the building you would see if you were downtown then if you look you have a Chicago fire sign showing that we have a great fire department. Then if you look close by the Willis tower you would see a airplane or I think a jet or something flying past

Skyline & expressway: In this picture you see the Chicago Skyline And you could look and you can see cars riding pass on the expressway.

The violence on my block

The police men don’t stop anyone for no reason they pull them over because they broke the law this is happening down the street from were I live.

Police Talking: In this I was walking past a local neighborhood. And I saw a car Nice black Buick Regal These always catch the police eyes they have some big Rims on them. Police probably thought they would find drugs or a weapon inside the car. And it was at night so They was in it.


It felt good to come together from different schools and play ball we build a good basketball chemistry we all got alone very well it was wendy,danny,Jason,Big john,quan,buger,noah,roscoe,jemiyah

Me and my cousin

This Picture Shows Me and My little Cousin on The Front Porch She Was Happy To See Me So I Caught Her Lacking In The Picture.

Me and my brother

This A Picture Of Me and My Brother At My Cousin Funeral This Picture Was Took Across The Street From The Church in The Park.

Feeling myself

I Took This Selfie Early In The Morning On My Way To School I Was In The Car.

Relaxing ready to start the day off

This Just Me in My Room Taking Pictures Bored something simple

Joy of the game

This was the first trophy I won for being the M.V.P and when I spoke to my first College coach i forgot what college.  


My family is loved by me and I show that I love them

My neighborhood

This is where I moved to over the summer well this year this neighborhood is really bad it’s like every day someone is getting chase by the police or police arresting them for stupidly.

My city

If you ever visit Chicago you will see many foreign cars they are so nice.

Attendance CupCakes

Al Raby students get rewarded for coming to stats class everyday and on time.  As you see the kids are talking and having fun because they earned a day off

My brother

Shows me and my brother in the back of a house taking pictures chilling with each other in having a Good Time.

Home sweet home

This is a group of picture of the good and bad of Chicago. You can see the skyline and you could see how the police pull people over everyday.

Weclome To My City

I am a African american standing 6,7

I love to travel the world see new things

one thing i like to do is play basketball

that's the key to get out the hood

and im going to stay focus on that

Johnathan M. McGee  

Raise In Chiraq

My Name Is Hassan i grow up in Chicago IL. I from the west side of Chicago i like to hoop in get tattoos.I'm 18 years old in i like to make people laugh im the youngest of my mother kids.