Family Roles and Parenting In The 15th Century

aly$$a h., o$onia c., garfield. (garrett)

Family roles were different depending on their social class. Poor children had to help their parents financially by working at a very young age. Children from rich families were married off at a very young age. Girl's jobs consisted mostly of them learning to clean and cook whilst boy's jobs consisted of fighting and being knights and such.

Children From Poor Families

In poor families, children were expected to help the family earn a living as soon as they were able. Men sowed grain and women planted peas and beans.

Children From Noble Families

Boys became pages and had to wait on lords and ladies. They also learned to fight. At 14 a boy became a squire and at 21 a knight. Girls learned the skills they needed to run a household. In upper class families girls married as young as 12 and boys as young as 14. They did not normally choose their own marriage partners. Their parents arranged their marriages for them.

Rich Families

Wives had to organize the servants and run the household. Both men and women went hawking. Nobles and knights fought when they were not hunting.

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I wonder if Romeo and Juliet actually want to be knights or housewife's. Did anyone during that time ever rebell.