Does music influence our lives?

Music is very important in our society and has been around for many many years  . The Native Americans use to just make a beat and some sounds. Music lets people express what they want to say like weather they are happy , heartbroken or in love . Music also lets people express how they feel . It lets people block away everything that is going on around them to just relax .Music is not just a beat with some words , it has meaning to it.

Music can also do bad to people. Music influences what some kids and teenagers do  since they look up that person they try to do what they do and dress like they do. They believe that since their favorite musical artist is doing it them they can to.They want to be just like them. Now a days a lot of musical artist write about drugs , alcohol , partying , and sexual activity and that is one of the reasons our society is like it is right now.

Some religions use music to adore what they believe in .Some religions say prayers in from of a song,others just use instruments .Music is used in different ways .Although some religion don't use music because they believe music is to sensual.

To Native Americans music is very important.Music goes with their dance, rituals, and oral traditions.They used things such as wooden sticks ,drums,gongs,and turtle shells .Their music use to just be" oh oh oh ah ah ah".To this day Native american music is still diverse, some do call-and-response , stomp dance,but they still use instruments like they use to in back in the days.

Music education is very important , kids that have a musical education think different and perform better in school.Music can also help in language development.Studies show that student that have a musical education think differently then student who don't.Some student that have a musical education have better grades than other students.

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