My summer vacation 2014

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Kylar C

This summer I went to several different places. I went to my lake cabin in Idaho, I went to a bruno mars concert at the gorge, and I went to lake Easton. When I went to Idaho I brought a friend, it rained the whole time so we couldn't go outside but we did play a lot of old Nintendo 64. When I went to the Bruno Mars concert my mom and her friend danced the whole time which was... Embarrassing to say the least. After all that about a week later I went to Lake Easton which is a little lake about three hours from Spokane. We camped out there for about a week and then went home. The rest of the summer I spent with friends who basically lived at my house for a month. This year my summer was pretty awesome.

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3 years ago

Nice job. How come you have the TMNT? Who's the 4 legged girl?