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Create Your Own Interactives: Thinglink

Use Thinglink to create free and easy to use interactives for building background knowledge, engaging with content, and exploring new topics.

What is Thinglink?

Thinglink is a free tool for creating interactive images. By adding text, video, audio, and web links, you and your students can add rich contextual information to any image you choose. Use Thinglinks to help build background knowledge, bring content to life, or to have your students demonstrate what they know. Check out the video below to see how Thinglink can be used in teaching and learning.

How Can I Get Started?

How Can I Use Thinglink in My Classroom?

What are the benefits of using interactives?

  • Help differentiate instruction by providing your students with multiple representations of information, and multiple means of engaging with content.
  • Guide students through building rich background knowledge.
  • Address College & Career Readiness Standards that focus on reading, writing, and speaking that is grounded in textual evidence, and regular practice with complex texts and academic vocabulary.
  • Provide supports struggling students need when accessing complex texts. For example, consider building a Thinglink using a historical photo or painting and embedding relevant primary source texts, newspaper articles, period music, video, definitions and vocabulary to help students develop a deeper historical understanding.
  • Allow students to create their own interactives to demonstrate knowledge and explore how multiple sources of information work together to make meaning.
  • Help build comprehension through visualizing information and summarizing what they've learned.

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