Culture : Patterns and Processes

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All the cultures have rights but some culture doesn't have enough power to do anything. The way to get more power are to join with others or make the others join us. For the peasants, they have no power but they have twice of rights to vote. For the cultures that have power and wants more power, they can do anything to get more power from other cultures.

Military has the most amount of power beyond the cultures. Because of that, it cost the conflict between the army and guerrillas or the corruptions between the groups. During the game, the power have been shift mostly between the army and guerrillas. Because of the army have the most power, even though the power have been shift but the army still have the most power.

For the peasants, they still have no power because they have no power to loss or gain. But they still have the twice of power to vote. Some peasants decided do join the guerrillas and fight against the army. Although they lost their rights to vote but they got more people and they can gains more power buy takeover the country.

During the simulation, the power have been shift only between guerrillas and the army. Some of the peasants joined the guerrillas so they can gains more people and takeover the army, even though the army still have more power than them. Some other countries decided NOT to fight against others.

When the power have been shift, they're both have positive and negative effect. If you gains the power, you have rights to change the country but if you loss your power, you're not going to be able to do anything unless to have to fight and get your power back.

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