Tips for Losing Weight at Restaurants

Let's face it, it isn't easy to lose weight in college,
-Yet almost all of us are trying to-
Many diet and weight loss experts recommend that you don't eat out if you are trying to lose weight.
I think that's dumb!
In college, going out to eat is just part of the lifestyle! Sacrificing that might only lead you to cheat or binge which could have overall worse results+guilt.
Instead, just follow these tips!

Don't Order Drinks like Soda or Cocktails

These drinks can have 100-800 calories! Not worth it! Try ordering water, iced tea, or a light beer to indulge.

Skip the Appetizer

Appetizers are just added calories, you don't need it and you will be able to enjoy your meal more. They are meant to be made fast, meaning that they have a lot of processed food and are usually fried.

Eat Options that are Baked of Grilled-not Fried!

Hint: When ordering salad, make sure you order a low calorie dressing! Dressings that are creamy and high in fat can end up making your salad more unhealthy than eating a burger!

Portion Control is EVERYTHING

If you want to indulge and eat that burger or pasta dish-do it! Just make sure you do it right. Restaurants give you way bigger portions than the recommended amount. Several ways to do this are:

-Order from the kids menu

-Split a meal with another person

-Ask for half of your order to be boxed before brought out to the table

-Drown your food in water when you are full (Yes this is deinetely extreme and dramatic, but hey, it works!)

Pick a Healthy Side

Most meals come with sides, and often there are plenty of options and alternatives that will add a healthy balance to your meal. Look for the fruits and veggies...meaning just say no to the fries! I promise you will feel better afterwords.

Say No Thanks to Dessert

If it is a special occasion-go for it! Otherwise, they can be lethal with calories.

It is possible to make desserts at home with way less calories that taste just as good!

One of my favorites is jello with low fat whipped cream and pecans-only 30 calories and delicious!

Happy Dieting for a Healthier You!