Never take anything for granted, and always be thankful for what you”.

Lauren Davis

I believe


I believe in the love of the lord

The power of friendship will help you through everything

Hardworking pays off

Family will always be their for each other

I believe in being your own person.

But the lying and judging are never get you in life

I believe in always doing the right thing

Expressing your self should be privileged

I believe in the equality in everybody

Also I believe in never taking anything for granted, you need to hold on tight for what you have.

My personal credo

My personal credo goes here

Steve jobs didn't go to college, he dropped out, yet he still was a successful person. Jobs took many risk in life that could have gone either way, but for him everything ended up being positive. Im gonna go to college when i grow up , because Im pretty positive I wont be as lucky as Steve was. In my personal credo would be to say " Never taking anything in life for granted". I've always been taught to be thankful for what you have and be happy with it, so I never would ever really want to take people for granted.

My Credo has been told my whole entire life “ Never take anything for granted, if might not always be their for you”.

When I was born a couple months later my mothers grandmother died, and my mom cared about her more than anything. She would always tell us to cherish what we have, me might not always have it their with us”. I had a best friend would was practically my other half, we did everything together, we started to grow up and grow apart. I never really was thankful to have her in my life until we were strangers to each other. My mother still tells me when times get to “always be thankful for things in life, and never take them for granted”.

As I was saying my beliefs on my credo are 100% positive because I have had to live through my mother telling me to do so. Sometimes when my friends are having trouble in life, I tell them “ tell them you love them and are thankful that you are in my life”. Friends, family, anything can be taken away from you any second of the day, and if you never have the time to tell them how you feel about them, you will be living your life with regret.

Granted in life I know for a fact my credo will never change, because when I have children in the future they will be learning the exact same thing. For example my mother helped me become the person I am today, and Im going to tell my children all the amazing advice my mother gave to me( i will never tell my mom that). I get in life sometimes people just take things without asking or just not caring anymore, but you could be taking somebody's happiness.

In other words In life I try to give people advice that fits the circumstance they are in. Naturally If anybody needed advice, I would tell them to be thankful and let everybody know, so of course i would tell anybody that was looking for that. I know everybody loses something or somebody that means something to them, I don’t want this people to live with regrets in their life. Everybody needs to have a credo in their life, to share with others and give them advice, and be a wonderful friend to them.

By Lauren Davis

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