Trigre white


The white tiger (also known as the Bengal tiger) measures approximately 3 meters of length and weighs approximately from 180 to 285 kg.

The white tigers are of white color Bengal, are not albino and are not a subspecies separated from the tigers.

They have the blue eyes, the pink nose and the skin of a white cremates covered with stripes of color chocolate.


Usually, they are in the continental part of the south-east of Asia and in the center and south of the India. Those who live in the islands have disappeared almost completely, the majority they live in zoos and parks with special fauna.

There exists other four subspecies of tiger that are the Siberian one, that of the south of China, of Indochina and of Sumatra.


The white tigers are children of the Bengal tigers who take an unusual gene necessary for the white coloration. The white tiger is a good swimmer, but a very poor climber.

They can be slow corridors, but they are it sufficiently cautious as to catch any dam in the gun-sight.

Due to the fact that they are solitary animals, in the main they hunt during the night.

In wild condition it is only of approximately 5.000 to 7.400 tigers.

In spite of the fact that it is illegal, the white tigers are hunted by poachers in many Asian countries.

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