My Exploration Proposal For King Henry VII

If you do not want to send me on my mission you will lose a chance of gaining a fortune bigger than yours. The Kings and Queens of our competing countries are sending more and more explorers on the same quest. The faster I get there, the more of a chance England has to become the ruling European nation.

My Noble King, Henry the 7th. I'm going to need a great favor from you. I believe that if I can explore the eastern regions of the world, on this new continent called America, England can become the greatest power on land and sea. I know many have tried and failed on this matter, but together my plan shall not fail. We have discovered a new route to the west, which has vast islands and smooth seas along the way. The islands will provide fresh food and water for the crew, and the smooth seas will provide great sailing. Do you wish to become rich, you can have a prospering colony that will allow you to mine as much gold as you wanted. The Spanish have discovered a city full of gold and a fountain that will allow you to live forever. If we can take possession of these objects, we could make a boat load of cash. If you allow me to put my plan into action, with a little bit of funding, we can conquer all of the Eastern Hemisphere! I will land in the North East region of the new found continent. I will settle a colony, then move southwards to start discovering more lands. On the way we might find some major gold finds.

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