WWE Nation

WWE means Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment ! Some peoples say its fake , to me its very real ,and I take it very serious about WWE . On Mondays WWE comes on and its called Monday Night Raw . On Monday night raw I make sure that I tune in just to watch my favorite wrestlers Divas : Bella Twins, Naomi, Paige, Aj Lee, Natalya, JOJO , Superstars: USOS, Roman Reigns, Big Show, Randy Ortan, Mark Henry, Seth Rollins, Kane, And most of ALL JOHN CENA !!! Their my favorite because they show motivating in every MATCH and even though they might fight my other favorite Wrestler ...... I First Started wactching WWE from my cousins , One day I went over to spend a night and their where in the Computer Room in their house and I saw them watching it nad I was shocked when I saw them watching it on the internet , and From then I have been watching it ever since . WWE comes on Monday Night Raw , Friday Smackdown , Summerslam , and my Favorite Nights Of Champions , When All the WWE  Champions Fight  Against another person for their Championship !!!! WWE Is only $9.99 a month Buy it NOW!  And VOTE for John Cena for Heavyweight Champion  #CENANATION

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