Colored Wings

It was just another ordinary day for 17 year old, Violet Waters. She went out into the forest with her older brother, Hunter, and caught deer for her family. They also helped around the farm. After that, Violet and her five younger sisters; Crystal, Jade, Citron, Amber, and Rose, collected firewood. She also traveled into town with her parents after all the chores were done and work in a boutique.

She was always indecisive and could never figure out what she wanted to do with her life so her parents let her help them with their work sometime. Her mother, Topaz, and her father, Sterling, were farmers and often went into town trying to sell crops or animals to make money.

Her parents said they were going into town, which is just through the woods, but when night came, they did not come home. Many days passed and her parents had still not come home. At this point, Hunter had started becoming overprotective and would not allow his sisters to leave the farm.

Violet was starting to get sick of being at the farm all day and wanted adventure so she snuck into the woods one night. It was the most freedom she had had in weeks and did not want it to end. While sitting in a tree, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. It was a small, floating light. She decided to follow it and ended up in a shack by the dump. Suddenly, the floating light disappeared. She was alone and did not know how to get back from the shack. She figured if she looked around the shack, she might find something useful so she searched. She found a bookcase with the most books she had ever seen before in her life, a small table, some chairs, and another door that led to an empty closet.

She grabbed a few books, looked inside them, and noticed none of them were in English. The language seemed magical. She pulled the biggest book there was off the shelf and looked inside. The language was finally English, but there was only one word in the whole book," Wings." After she said the word, the closet door started glowing a dazzling hue of violet. She tugged at the door and stepped into a new world.

For a second, the world was blinding. It was so bright, it was like staring at the sun. Following the brilliant light, her eyes adjusted to a beautiful view. All the could be seen for miles was the sunrise, clouds, and the trees going on forever.

She spotted the small, floating light she had seen before. She looked closer and realized it was not just a light, but a fairy. "Hi! I'm Ebony!" exclaimed the fairy. Ebony fluttered around Violet's head and questioned, "What is your power?" Violet was very confused by what the fairy meant so she asked, "What do you mean?" Ebony explained to her that there is a prophecy about a girl named Violet and her five sisters. They are supposed to save the people from the government and bring peace to the land with their magic powers.

They ventured into a nearby town and discovered it looked like the world Violet had come from except there were guards everywhere and everyone looked like they were full of despair except for one boy who looked full of life. Guards were chasing him throughout the town, but he just smiled and laughed as he ran. As he ran by Violet, he grabbed her hand and kept running. He ran into the forest until they reached a tree with an X on it. He said, " Follow me." and started climbing the tree. She followed him up the tree and held her breath. The guards that had been chasing them were just below them. The guards then ran on to keep searching.

After a while, Violet released the breath she had been holding and asked," Who are you and why did you take me with you?" He replied, " I'm Auburn and I brought you with me because you are the only other person in this town who is not full of despair. The guards would have taken you and trapped you in a cell until they killed you. Come with me. I want to show you something."

He walked across a bridge that connected the trees and went into a tree house while Violet followed him. He searched a shelf until he found a radio and turned it on. He stated," This is what would have happened to you if I had not dragged you along with me."

"Today we have the capture update for you! There were two people caught in the forest last week. Their names are Sterling and Topaz Waters. If you have ever heard of them, please let the nearest government office know." said the radio.

Auburn turned the radio off. "The people who are captured are full of life and turned into people with despair. If the government can not change them, then they kill them." stated Auburn.

Violet was shocked. She had just heard her parents names on the radio even though they had been missing for weeks. This could have been the reason they did not come home. She had to go home and get help. When Violet turned to leave, she noticed Ebony asleep on her shoulder. She slid Ebony into her pocket and started climbing down the tree. Auburn followed after her and showed her the way back to the portal which was coming from a giant weeping willow tree full of tiny fairies like Ebony. She walked through the portal and discovered Auburn was right behind her.

Once they were on the other side of the portal, Violet ran towards her home. She decided if her sisters were in the prophecy then they were the ones she would bring along to help her. The only issue would be getting them away without her brother seeing them or her.

"I can use a spell to make your brother sleep if that's the issue." said the fairy.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" questioned Violet.

"I can read minds." replied Ebony.

That night, Ebony flew into the house and put a sleeping spell on Hunter. Violet then woke up all her sisters and told them to follow her. She headed back to the shack by the dump where Auburn was waiting while her sisters followed right behind her. Violet said the word," Wings."and the portal opened, but this time with a magnificent rainbow. They went straight to Auburn's treehouse as soon as they were through the portal and started scheming a way to get their parents back. They decided a breakout of the captured would need to happen for their parents to have a chance to escape. Also if everyone escaped, they could overthrow the government in the process.

As they were climbing back down the tree to start their mission, Rose fell out and started soaring through the sky because she had wings. A few moments later, Amber jumped out of the tree and learned she had wings too. The rest of the sisters followed and discovered their wings. They decided to fly to the encampment of people who still had life in them and carried Auburn with them. While Violet and Auburn went to look for the keys, her sisters went to take out the guards. Auburn found the keys and started letting everyone out.

When they finally found Topaz and Sterling, they were the last people to get out and there were more guards on the way. They sped down the hallways trying to get to the door so they could get out. While Violet was carrying Auburn, her sisters carried their parents until they reached the tree house.

They listened to the radio as soon as they got back and learned people were starting to rebel against the government. The only place the rebellion had not touched yet was the main government building where the main people in charge were. Just by letting out the captured, they had started a rebellion against the government.

The sisters marched into the main government office and rounded up all the government officials. Then they showed them happy things that were full of life. This seemed to change most of their minds except for the leader, Raven. She raged that everything they were showing her was terrible and threw it across the room. She would not stop until she saw a baby seal. She grabbed it, said, " You win this round." and walked out the door never to be seen again. The land was then filled with peace and happiness.

Violet and her family returned to their world and vowed never to tell Hunter the truth because he would think they were all crazy. Auburn went with them and eventually confesses to Violet he did not tell her all the reasons he had saved her that day and that he liked her as more than a friend. Ebony went back to living with the fairies, but visits Violet occasionally. Violet finally figured out what she wanted to do with her life was to have more adventures with the ones she loves.

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