Six Sigma and Green Belt Program

Six-Sigma is a project management online certification course developed in 1986 that combines various strategies and tools for bringing about process improvement. The goal of this training is to improve process quality through identification and removal of various causes that lead to errors/defects. This also involves minimizing the variability associated with business and manufacturing processes. It uses quality management methodology sets to create staff infrastructure within the organization consisting of individuals associated with methods of quality processes. Each project follows definite steps in sequence with financial quantified targets like profit increase or cost reduction.

Principles associated with Six Sigma have saved numerous companies millions while driving their profits to the bottom line. You will find the implementation of the associated processes in multiple industries. This includes Biotech, healthcare, military, financial services, operations, sales, food & beverage, technology, human resource, and manufacturing among others. Main concepts associated with such programs include

  • Defining the problem
  • Measurement of the problem
  • An analysis of the problem
  • Bringing about improvements
  • Control of organizational processes

With Six Sigma online training, you can confirm your level of capability, training, and practice associated with specific competencies. While associated requirements for each level of certification are quite different, each involves expansive training. Through successful completion, you can earn a ‘Belt’ confirming your proficiency in that particular level. This will pave your way for leadership-approved projects before successive certification trainings.

Are you interested in Green Belt Six Sigma certification? Then it would help to know that the program covers Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) methodology for quality improvement. Benefit from on-line course work with a combination of on-campus training if desired. Such programs usually take 3-4 months course work on a part-time basis especially for employed people who want to apply the principles associated with their own companies.

In keeping with the high demand for Green Belt training schedule among working professionals, a number of schools offer such training both in conventional and online environments. Part-time 3-4 months course work is quite adequate. While most schools do not ask for work-related experience, some certification independent agencies may seek three years minimal on-the-job experience from the candidates. Other requirements being knowledge related to mathematics, statistics, and computer skills.

The course for Green Belt, Six Sigma Certification focuses on statistical analysis, project management, team building, measurement techniques, customer satisfaction, and data collection goals. Factors relate to foster productivity, reduction in defects, and cost efficiency. Rudimentary foundation remains the same irrespective of whether you decide to pursue the certification or not. However, the subject details and links to training vary.

Six Sigma green belt online certification is a great way to benefit from this training while maintaining the schedule as per your convenience. Once you successfully complete the program, you will become qualified to work as Design Engineer, Process Engineer, or Industrial Engineer among others.

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