Social Studies

Mr. Coe's 8th Grade History/Social Studies.

Mr. Coe is the Social Studies/History teacher for the 8th Grade Team Socrates class. Mr. Coe tells us all about past events while also making it fun. He shows us clips and does projects to incorporate fun and excitement into his class.


8th Grade Physical Education... Mrs. Cloninger and Mr. Peele.

Mrs. Cloninger and Mr. Peele are the P.E. teachers. They both teach sports (Volleyball and Softball) so they know a lot. There class is very active and fun.

English/Language Arts

Mrs. Gordon's 8th grade class

Mrs. Gordon is the Language Arts/English teacher for Hamlet Middle School. She is really nice and active with her learning. She let's us read and work with fun things like poems and short stories.